2018-2019 // JPMorgan Chase

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Overview: Research into the Commercial Banking Industry by Marketing Team pointed to opportunities within the $20 – $200 Million segment to provide a digital experience for easier on-boarding to becoming operational as a Chase Commercial Client.
From interviews done with several top tier companies and CEOs,  the trend was that more and more the need was for the use of digital mobile and desktop platforms to bypass the in-person traditional way of on-boarding to become a new banking client. With the use of Chase Bank’s digital e-signature and upload documents feature, the technology existed to create a single digital on-boarding experience.
Task: Collaborate with Product, Research and Tech to design a scalable, end-to-end digital customer experience for Chase Commercial Banking.
Objective: Provide a way to allow prospective commercial clients to start the on-boarding process by digitally uploading
required documents, filling out forms, e-signing documents and open multiple commercial banking accounts.
Challenges: The project was made up of three separate Tech Teams and 3-4 Product Managers with separate points of view. Clear communication and following through on emails and meetings between the teams was pivotal to the project going smoothly.
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